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Connecting you with the best

When it comes to getting the prime top tier contracts in the industrial trades sector, it’s all about connections. Knowing what’s available when and being the first in the know will give you the edge over other industrial trade job seekers.

Registering your details for with Industrial Trades will give you immediate exposure to the major mining, oil and gas companies and the top tier contractors working within the resources and various other industrial sectors. Register Now

How does it work?

Our recruitment team is constantly working with registered Industrial Trades employers to assess the number and type of qualified tradespeople and labourers they need for upcoming projects.

By working on lead times for upcoming projects we are able to give you the heads up so you can plan ahead. It’s a win/win for all concerned – job seekers get the job they want and employers get the people they need.

We also regularly network with employers not yet connected to Industrial Trades to ensure the number of employers registered with us continues to grow. Register Now

Range of opportunities

Our registered employer requirements include but are not limited to the following opportunities:

  • Full time positions
  • Short, medium and long term contracts
  • Shut down work
  • Maintenance positions
  • Shift coverage
  • Offshore work

Even if you are currently employed, it pays to register. You never know what opportunities are out there unless you’re connected.